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of Montreal Albums Ranked

The best quote I've ever heard about of Montreal is from former member Dottie West in the documentary "The Past is a Grotesque Album" (paraphrased) : "Either you've never heard of us, or we're you're favorite band of all time".  That isn't an inaccurate sentiment, as I don't know anyone who has two or three of Montreal records.  Seemingly, if you own more than one record, you own more than ten.  And amazingly, with that many albums, there really aren't many duds in the group. So, since they have long been one of my favorite bands and are probably the artist I find myself going back to the most, I figured it would be interesting trying to rank their albums, EP's and compilations.  I will go ahead and preface this with the knowledge that since Kevin Barnes is literally a musical chameleon, I'm sure there is an album you love that is on the lower end, or one that you hate that is in my top 5.  But that is something even more inc

My Year at the Oscars - Academy Award Best Picture Winners Ranked Pt. 5

Introduction If you're new to  My Year at the Oscars , in 2014 I decided to watch every Best Picture winner in a single year and then rank them.  After four installments ranking #87 - #21, we have finally the top 20 Best Picture winners.  It gets very hard around this point in a ranking to determine what it the "greatest" between films that are all rightfully considered to be masterpieces of their genre, so a lot of this comes down to personal preferences.   Thank you so much to those of you who have been reading this blog for the past 4 weeks.  Before I get started, I wanted to let you guys know some of the other posts coming in the next month.   On Tuesday,  February 23rd  there will be " My Top 15 in 15 ", ranking the best 15 films from last year.  On Thursday, February 25th  my Oscar predictions for this years ceremony will be posted.  A post that you will all likely find very interesting comes the day after the Oscars, on Monday, February 29th ,