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of Montreal Albums Ranked

The best quote I've ever heard about of Montreal is from former member Dottie West in the documentary "The Past is a Grotesque Album" (paraphrased) : "Either you've never heard of us, or we're you're favorite band of all time".  That isn't an inaccurate sentiment, as I don't know anyone who has two or three of Montreal records.  Seemingly, if you own more than one record, you own more than ten.  And amazingly, with that many albums, there really aren't many duds in the group. So, since they have long been one of my favorite bands and are probably the artist I find myself going back to the most, I figured it would be interesting trying to rank their albums, EP's and compilations.  I will go ahead and preface this with the knowledge that since Kevin Barnes is literally a musical chameleon, I'm sure there is an album you love that is on the lower end, or one that you hate that is in my top 5.  But that is something even more inc

88th Oscar Predictions

Welcome, to this year's Academy Awards predictions!  It is a confusing year, with three obvious front runners and questions in a lot of categories.  Last year, I predicted 21 of the 24 correct with my "WILL WIN" predictions and the remaining 3 correct with the "COULD WIN" predictions.  Let's see how we can stack up this year.  I hope I can help you win your work/school/friend/personal Oscar pool. (Note: There is an easy to use "Winners" list at the bottom of this page) BEST PICTURE Nominees: The Big Short Bridge of Spies Brooklyn Mad Max: Fury Road The Martian The Revenant Room Spotlight This has essentially become an almost evenly divided three movie race, between The Big Short , Spotlight and The Revenant .  Whereas other awards shows are usually good predictors, PGA awarded The Big Short, SAG award Spotlight and BAFTA/DGA awarded The Revenant.  This has led a lot to assume The Revenant is going to take home the