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Top Albums of 2015

Richard's Top 10 Albums of 2015 Time to get back on my ranking everything I can think of in blog form and not just in my head.  How about my 10 favorite records from 2015? Hope you enjoy this countdown (though the descriptions were written #1-10 so spoilers inherent): 10. Snoop Dogg - "Bush" This is going to seem like an insane 10th pick in the year of music we've had but honestly, I just wanted this up there because this album was criminally underrated in my opinion. It was a summer party album, nothing fancy, but it was amazing as that. Snoop was witty, the songs were catchy, and as a whole, I just found it a fun listen. If you don't mind some new age disco-funk meets west coast hip-hop, listen and don't think too much. Enjoy yourself.  "California Roll"  with Pharrell and Stevie Wonder is great and  "R U a Freak"  is my second favorite. 9.  King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard -"Paper Mâché Dream Balloon" I